Washington Post scolded for ‘normalizing pedophiles’ in glowing review of a play about sexual predators

The Washington Post was roasted over the weekend for publishing a glowing review of a “play about pedophiles” that critics believe downplays sexual abuse and attempts to normalize pedophilia. 

The piece by Washington Post chief drama critic Peter Marks, “‘Downstate’ is a play about pedophiles. It’s also brilliant,” was first published on Nov. 23 but had generated backlash on Sunday when shared by the paper’s Twitter account

“Take a deep breath and try to ruminate calmly on the position playwright Bruce Norris takes in his scintillating new play, ‘Downstate’: that the punishments inflicted on some pedophiles are so harsh and unrelenting as to be inhumane. Are you still reading? It’s almost impossible to broad-brush the perspective at the heart of this impeccably acted drama without sounding as if one is advocating some extraordinary level of consideration for individuals who have committed unspeakable crimes,” Marks wrote. 


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