Washington Post: Democrats Want to Streamline Asylum Process for Migrants


Democrat Senators will offer an election campaign bill which would streamline the asylum process for migrants emerging from Central America — but do nothing to protect Americans from cheap labor migration, according to the Washington Post.

“The hope is that the plan will give Democrats the basis for a substantive [2020] blueprint to respond to the asylum-seeking crisis — and, more broadly, an answer to Trump’s xenophobic and nativist nationalism, a vision to contrast with his,” says the report by Post’s progressive columnist Greg Sargent.

The bill apparently offers no legal changes that would reduce the huge government-created incentives for foreign migrants to use the catch andrelease loopholes to get blue-collar U.S jobs, to live in the U.S. welfare state, or to birth U.S. citizen children in the United States.

Instead, the bill would provide more financial aid to Central American countries and would allow migrants to apply for asylum in their home countries instead of hiring coyotes to smuggle them up to the U.S. border.

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