Warren is still dodging the middle class tax question


2020 Democrat presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren dodged questions asking if the middle-class would see a tax increase under her proposed “Medicare for All” plan during the ABC debate on Thursday night.

Here is the key exchange:

George Stephanopoulos: “Senator Warren, let me take that to you, particularly on what Senator Biden was saying there about health care. he’s praised Bernie Sanders about being candid, says that Senator Sanders has been candid about the fact that middle class taxes are going to go up and most of private insurance is going to be eliminated. Will you make that same admission?”

Elizabeth Warren: [dodge]

Stephanopoulos: “Direct question. You said middle class families are going to pay less. will middle class taxes go up to pail for pay for the program? I know you believe the deductibles and premiums go down.”

Warren: [dodge]

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