War in Ukraine is ‘Not in the Interests of European Countries’ – French General

The ongoing war in Ukraine is “not in the interest” of Europe, a French General has claimed, saying that the continent has aligned itself too much with American interests on the issue.

General Pierre de Villiers, who formerly served as the Chief of Staff of the French Armed Forces, argued on Wednesday that European nations should be pushing for a de-escalation of the war in Ukraine, saying that the continued conflict is not in the interests of Europe.

During an interview with French broadcaster BFMTV, de Villiers criticised Europe’s collective failure to seek an end to the conflict that does not “bring dishonour” to Ukraine, which he describes as “fighting bravely” after having been attacked by Russia.
“The war in Ukraine is not in the interest of European countries, certainly not of France, perhaps of the Americans,” the General told the broadcaster.

Saying that the war in Ukraine “is not ours”, the official went on to describe how he was hoping for Europe to curb its systematic alignment with U.S. military interests, and instead seek “a diplomatic solution from above”.

“The challenge from my point of view is to stop the escalation,” he argued. “Since February 24, we have been in a permanent escalation.”

“It is time to find a solution that does not bring dishonour to Ukrainians who are fighting bravely and who have been attacked,” he went on to say.


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