War and Peach

The New York Post:

Georgia’s duty: Stop the far left from dominating Congress!!!

It’s impossible to overstate the stakes in Georgia’s runoff election, where voting finishes up Tuesday: Republicans need to win at least one race to keep control of the Senate, and so serve as a vital check on a Democratic Party that’s careening to the far left.

Dems running the Senate as well as the House and White House would spell disaster for an America struggling to bounce back from the pandemic.

It’s likely to be close: The final RealClearPolitics polling average shows the Democrats leading the Republican incumbents, though narrowly: Jon Ossoff over Sen. David Perdue by 0.8 percent and Raphael Warnock over Sen. Kelly Loeffler by 1.8 percent. While polls have grown notoriously unreliable, this shows how important it is that Georgians worried about the radical progressive agenda get out and vote — especially since Democrats usually dominate in early voting, where the state has seen 3 million ballots cast.

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