WaPo Lauds Biden’s ‘Combative Mode’ Against ‘MAGA Republicans’

President Joe Biden is “smart” for dividing “normal Republicans” from “MAGA Republicans,” according to a recent Washington Post essay by columnist and prominent “Never Trumper” Max Boot, which praised the president’s “well-justified” attacks against “MAGA Republicans,” calling it exactly what Democrats “want to hear.”

The Monday article, titled “The GOP reaction to Biden’s speech shows that his anti-MAGA strategy is working,” claims the current presidency is one of the “most successful” in decades, with President Biden passing legislation to “stimulate the economy, build infrastructure, fund semiconductor production, pay for veterans’ health programs, regulate gun sales, lower prescription drug prices and roll back greenhouse gas emissions.” 

Though he has been “pushing a message of bipartisanship” for years, the author argues, the president “has gotten so much of his agenda enacted, and with the midterm elections looming, he has switched to a more combative mode.” 

Boot referred to President Biden’s Thursday night speech outlining the supposed dangers former President Donald Trump and his supporters pose to democracy, as a “well-justified expression of rage and despair about what the Republican Party has become.” 

“The president is finally telling Democrats what they want to hear: ‘Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic,’” he said.


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