WaPo: Conservatives Using ‘Coded Language’ Like ‘Woke,’ ‘CRT’ to Hide Racism

Terms such as “woke” and “CRT” are mere “euphemisms” used by conservatives to express their “racism” in a socially acceptable manner, according to a recent Washington Post essay that argues that “anti-Blackness is limitless” and suggests people “go back to the source material” and simply use outright racial slurs instead.

The Monday article by Pittsburgh-based columnist Damon Young, titled “Woke is now a dog whistle for Black. What’s next?” claims a host of terms commonly used by Americans are actually “coded language” for black citizens. 

In terms of location, descriptions such as “urban,” “inner-city,” and “Democratic strongholds” are cited as examples of such code, as well as neighborhoods depicted as “sketchy” or “depressed” “ghettos” filled with “thugs.”

Black residents are also described as “transient” “Section 8” “renters” who are “employable only through ‘affirmative action’ ‘diversity’ ‘quotas,’” the author writes. 

Other terms listed are “at-risk,” “underserved” and “fatherless,” as well as “marginalized,” “low-income” and “welfare-dependent.”

“But we’re also ‘socialists’ and ‘low-information voters’ taught ‘critical race theory’ by ‘Marxists’ so we can be ‘anti-American,’” he asserts, adding that black athletes are often described as “naturally gifted,” “ungrateful,” “intimidating” and “somehow both ‘aggressive’ and ‘lazy.’”


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