Walt Disney’s airplane to go on exhibit at the Palm Springs Air Museum

Walt Disney’s Grumman Gulfstream I, affectionately known as “The Mouse,” will soon land at the Palm Springs Air Museum. An exhibit highlighting the plane is planned to open at the museum on Dec. 5, 2022, Walt Disney’s 121 birthday. The plane will be on a long-term loan.

“We are so happy to have Walt’s plane make a ‘landing’ at the Palm Springs Air Museum, just a few miles from where Walt and his family had vacation homes at Smoke Tree Ranch,” said Walt Disney Archives director Rebecca Cline. “It is the ideal setting for this incredible icon”

Disney acquired the plane in 1963 and he and his wife, Lillian, contributed to the design of the interior. The plane seated up to 15 passengers, with a galley kitchen, two restrooms, two couches and a desk. Mickey Mouse was represented on matchbooks and stationery and his initials were included in the tail number of the plane – N234MM.

The plane was used to fly Disney to Florida to oversee selection of a location for what would become Walt Disney World. It was also used to oversee preparations for the New York World’s Fair and flew 277,282 miles back and forth between Burbank, California and New York in 1964 and 1965. Several notable celebrities have flown on the plane, including Julie Andrews, Annette Funicello, Jimmy Carter and Ronald Regan.


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