WATCH – Walmart customer brawls with would-be shoplifter, video shows

The New York Post:

A wild video shows a Walmart customer tussling with an intoxicated would-be shoplifter before knocking him to the ground at a Washington State store. 

The 29-year-old suspect allegedly drove into a parked car at the superstore’s Federal Way location, but didn’t notify anyone and simply strolled into the store, KCPQ reported

“[The suspect] had entered the business and was attempting to shoplift when confronted by store employees,” Cmdr. Kurt Schwan of the Federal Way Police Department told the station. 

“ [The suspect] allegedly threatened to assault anyone who touched him and that is when a 21-year-old male community member stepped in and confronted [him],” Schwan added. “A physical altercation ensued.”

Witness cell phone video obtained by the outlet shows the two men squaring off, throwing punches, before the younger shopper grabs the suspect and wrestles him to the ground.

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