Wall Street Journal: The REAL ‘Catastrophe’

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Those saying we had to sacrifice the economy to save lives have succeeded in only the former, The Wall Street Journal writes in a scathing rebuke of lockdowns at all costs amid the global coronavirus pandemic.

“The tradeoff isn’t between lives and livelihoods,” the Journal editorial board concluded. “The policy goal has to be to protect both as much as possible.

“Deploy more personal protective equipment, greatly increase testing, build surge capability to handle flare-ups, and isolate society’s most vulnerable to keep hospitals from getting overwhelmed.

“But for heaven’s sake reopen the economy so we don’t consign millions to years of poverty.”

The op-ed was in response to those denouncing a past call back on March 19, “Rethinking the Coronavirus Shutdown,” when the shutdowns were only beginning.

“Well, after Friday’s horrific jobs report, how do you like the shutdown now?” the Journal wrote. “The people who said we have to sacrifice the economy to crush the virus have succeeded in the former even as the virus will be with us for many more months or longer.”

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