WAAT? MSNBC’s ‘Republican Strategist’ Says the GOP ‘Needs to Burn Down’ in Order to Dump Its ‘Neofascists’

Red State:

Moving on, during Monday’s two-hour installment of The ReidOut, Republican Susan Del Percio took a fiery position toward the GOP.

The Lincoln Project senior advisor shared her idea of how to improve American “democracy.”

The strategist — who formerly advised Andrew Cuomo — told MSNBC’s audience the party of Lincoln can be rebuilt once it’s been burned to the ground.

Susan’s been searching:

“Really, I’ve been looking for a new word for Trumpism, because I hate it.”

The radicalism at issue, she explained, “goes deeper than just Donald Trump within the Republican Party.”

Hence, how ’bout some fascism:

“Forget Trumpism. It’s neofascism. That’s what the grassroots of the party looks like right now.”


The way Susan sees it, weirdos will make it halfway to a win:

“The wackiest wackies are gonna win the Republican primary, but they’re going to lose in general elections. And that may not just help Democrats, but it will help the Republican Party in a way, because it will burn it down — maybe not in 2022 or 2024.”

Example: Allen West, who — as stated by Joy — “doesn’t think Greg Abbott is far right enough, after all that Greg Abbott has done.”

The segment outlined some of Allen’s positions, including that Islam is a “totalitarian, theocratic political ideology” and that Democratic “handouts” are the “most insidious form of slavery remaining in the world today.”

Normal, don’t fail us now: Susan predicted, “[A]fter enough losses, we can see maybe ‘normal’ returning, because those neofascists will be out of the party.”

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