VP Harris: Interracial Marriage Threatened by Dobbs Decision

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Vice President Kamala Harris admonished the Supreme Court’s landmark Dobbs v. Jackson ruling on Friday, claiming that the decision imperils the right to birth control, same-sex marriage, and even interracial marriage.

Harris, while condemning the end of the nearly 50-year Roe v. Wade precedent, took specific issue with the court’s argument abortion is not “deeply rooted in our nation’s history.”

“Today’s decision on that theory, then, calls into question other rights that we thought were settled. Such as the right to use birth control, the right to same-sex marriage, the right to interracial marriage,” Harris said in Plainfield, Illinois.

The vice president also emphasized that although a core value of the United States has been to “expand freedom,” the expansion of it is “not inevitable” or “something that just happens.”

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