VP Harris attacks European explorers for ushering in ‘wave of devastation…disease’ on Native Americans


Vice President Kamala Harris disparaged European explorers who discovered the Americas during a speech she gave on Tuesday at the National Congress of American Indians 78th Annual Convention, claiming they were guilty of horrific crimes against Native Americans. “Since 1934, every October, the United States has recognized the voyage of the European explorers who first landed on the shores of the Americas,” proclaimed Harris in Portland, Oregon. “But that is not the whole story. That has never been the whole story.” Those explorers ushered in a wave of devastation for tribal nations — perpetrating violence, stealing land, and spreading disease,” she stated, accusing explorers of atrocities. “We must not shy away from this shameful past, and we must shed light on it and do everything we can to address the impact of the past on Native communities today.” Then she tried to sell President Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” agenda to Native Americans, telling them it will have “a significant impact on Indian Country.” She proceeded to address the unrelated topic of missing Native American women and girls, citing statistics to engender outrage. She also bloviated on the voting rights of Native Americans, telling them their votes were being suppressed. “Native Americans are more likely to live in poverty, to be unemployed, and often struggle to get quality healthcare and to find affordable housing,” Harris pandered seemingly offering Native Americans a chicken in every pot. “This persistent inequity, this persistent injustice is not right. And the pandemic has only made it worse,” she added, invoking the virus as a partial cause of the plight of Native Americans while appearing to suggest that socialism is the only answer.

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