Volodymyr Zelenkskyy to Newsmax: We’re the World’s ‘Defensive Perimeter’

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A confident, defiant, but still very thankful Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy says his country and people are the “defensive perimeter” for the world against Vladimir Putin’s aggression and global ambitions.

“We are the defensive perimeter,” Zelenskyy told Newsmax‘s Rob Schmitt through an translator in an exclusive sitdown in the capital city of Kyiv on Tuesday. “We are the strong defensive perimeter. It’s not something conventional. It’s not something natural. That’s the physical barrier made up of our people.”

Zelenskyy said “God is on our side” and Russia and Putin represent the “dark power.”

“We have to realize who is the dark power: It’s Russia,” Zelenskyy told Schmitt in a wide-ranging interview. “And Russia is not going to stop in Ukraine, for sure.

“And the other countries, the former Republics of USSR and the members of the E.U. – or some of them are already NATO member nations – they’re already under threat.”

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