Vogue’s Jill Biden cover is so fawning it would embarrass North Korean propaganda

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Pictured – Jill & Joe, then and now

The New York Post:

“I don’t think it should be, you know, me versus the press,” Jill Biden tells Vogue magazine for its August issue.

She has nothing to worry about. Vogue’s piece, written by Jonathan Van Meter, is so fawning, such shameless propaganda, that even North Korean journalists would be embarrassed to have their names on it.

“A first lady for all of us,” says the cover, and that’s just the start. The piece describes Jill Biden as “the famously empathetic and free of pomp, hardworking, heart-on-her-sleeve, everywhere-at-once first lady that America needs now.”

Van Meter calls her a “goddess.”

Jill Biden is unelected, but the lengths at which Van Meter went to portray her as a national treasure adored by the masses is shocking.

Vogue calls her a “joy multiplier” and “effortlessly popular.” He describes her as “a key player in her husband’s administration” and “someone who reminds us of ourselves.”

The “ourselves” apparently refers to left-wing, coastal journalists who knock at the knees for Democrats.

Everything about the Bidens titillated Van Meter.

He called it “impressive” to see the president kneel down. He called his suit “impeccable.” He said Jill was “looking every inch a goddess at 69.”

Van Meter swoons over our “empathetic president,” our “human” first lady and the “compassion” both bring to the White House.

“I feel as though people can breathe again,” Jill Biden says. You can almost hear the writer nodding along.

EDITOR’S NOTE – We’re gagging …

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