Vogue Runs Article Asking If Having Babies Is ‘Pure Environmental Vandalism’


In the beginning of Genesis, after He created human beings, God told them to “be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth.” British Vogue, though, is sending a bit of a different message.

A writer for the fashion magazine asked in a column published Sunday if having a baby nowadays is “pure environmental vandalism” and pondered if it’s even “possible to live an ecologically responsible life while adding yet another person to our overstretched planet.”

“For the scientifically-engaged person,” Nell Frizzell wrote, “there are few questions more troubling when looking at the current climate emergency than that of having a baby. Whether your body throbs to reproduce, you passively believe that it is on the cards for you one day, or you actively seek to remain child-free, the declining health of the planet cannot help but factor in your thinking.”

Frizzell — who admittedly has a son — went on to write she “worried feverishly about the strain on the earth’s resources that another Western child would add.”

“I also worried about the sort of world that I would bring my child into — where we have perhaps just another 60 harvests left before our overworked soil gives out and we are running out of fresh water,” she wrote. “Could I really have a baby, knowing that by the time he was my father’s age, he may be living on a dry and barren earth?”

Even with such existential questions, Frizzell said she’d have another kid if her partner agreed to it.

Human Progress, a Cato Institute project sharing “evidence from individual scholars, academic institutions, and international organizations” to show “dramatic improvements in human well-being throughout much of the world,” argued an increase in reproduction is “correlated with an increase in resource abundance.”

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