Vlogger pushes to cancel the word ‘curry’ because of colonial origins

A California vlogger cooked up an Indian food controversy with a call to cancel the word “curry” – blaming its widespread usage on British colonialism.

A viral April Instagram post from Chaheti Bansal on her Rooted in Spice page sparked a debate over the word’s usage to describe dishes of different tastes from various regions of South Asia and has been widely recirculated in recent media reports.

“I’m not even gonna bother with the recipe in this voiceover cause I have more important things to discuss like canceling the word ‘curry,’ ” she says in the post, accompanying a video of her cooking.

“OK, not in all cultures – but specifically in Indian cuisine cause I don’t understand what that word means,” she adds.

“Like there’s a saying that the food in India changes every 100 kilometers and yet we’re still using this umbrella term popularized by white people who couldn’t be bothered to learn the actual names of our dishes – but we can still unlearn.”

The word “curry” likely originated from British colonists who were mispronouncing something else – although it’s not clear what exactly they were mispronouncing.

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