virus mutating! should all flights from China be halted?

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KILLER BUG Coronavirus death toll DOUBLES to 17 as more than 470 cases of ‘mutating’ bug confirmed

SEVENTEEN people have died from coronavirus as more than 500 cases of the killer strain were confirmed, officials have said. Latest figures reveal 471 cases in China, with four in Thailand, two in Hong Kong and one each in the US, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan. There is also unconfirmed reports of a case in Mexico. It comes as British experts said up to 10,000 people could already be infected – adding that we can’t rule out the possibility” there could already be a case in the UK. Professor Neil Ferguson, an expert at Imperial College London, said the new strain is currently “as deadly as the Spanish flu epidemic”. The 1918 outbreak is the most severe pandemic in recent history, wiping out an estimated 50 million people across the world. Prof Ferguson warned of “more deaths to come” as fellow experts said the outbreak has reached the threshold for an international public health emergency – ahead of today’s World Health Organization meeting on the issue.