Virginia High School Forces Kids to Play Twisted Game of ‘Identify Your Privilege’ Bingo

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Republican Governor Glenn Younkin might finally be at the helm of the previously screwed-up, Virginia ship of state, but at least one public high school is openly defying one of the new governor’s executive orders by “asking” high school students to play a sick game called “privilege bingo.” Shocked? Me, neither.

As reported by The Federalist, Oakton High School, which is part of Fairfax County Public Schools, pretty much demanded that students participate in the “game,” which singles out kids based on characteristics of their race and family life — “privileges,” as it were — in defiance of Youngkin’s order banning “inherently divisive concepts” from Virginia’s public education curriculums. (“Curricula,” to the sticklers among us.)

Among the so-called “privileges”? Let’s see… how about “parents are married,” “never worried about food,” “heterosexual,” “Christian,” “able-bodied,” “military kid,” and “have your own bedroom”?

Translation: Common characteristics of a responsible, nuclear family.

This is clearly just one more effort to program America’s kids into believing that “inherent white privilege” (based solely on skin color) and pretend “systemic racism” are inexorably part of the very fabric of America and unavoidably part of everyday life, and therefore responsible for all that ails America, 24x7x365.

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