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New York Post:

Portland protesters returned to the streets over the weekend — after a brief respite due to raging West Coast wildfires, according to reports.

About 200 Black Lives Matter demonstrators gathered in the Oregon city around 9 p.m. Saturday and marched through downtown, at times smashing store windows and tagging buildings with graffiti, Fox News reported Sunday.

“The group marched around in the street for several hours, stopping at various locations to demonstrate and in some cases damaged property and apply graffiti,” police said in a statement posted on Twitter. “Individuals in the group broke windows on businesses, including a bank in the 400 block of Southwest Harrison Street, a restaurant in the 1900 block of Southwest Broadway, and coffee shop in the 1000 block of Southwest 6th Avenue.”

Police said there were no arrests.

On Friday, Portland cops arrested 11 people during a protest outside a federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement office after declaring an unlawful assembly.

Police said those arrested hurled objects at the officers, Fox said.

The protests had been “put on pause because we are living in a climate emergency, and unprecedented wildfires created conditions that made street protest impossible and emergency mutual aid work became our priority” Portland Democratic Socialists of America c–chair Olivia Katbi Smith told the Wilamette Week.

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