Vile trophy hunters allowed to slaughter thousands of ‘dangerously rare’ hippos under sick Zambian plan to rake in millions through controversial ‘cull’


THE Zambian government stands to make MILLIONS by letting sick trophy hunters slaughter thousands of hippos in the country, a charity has said.

Zambia says the mass killing is being carried out to control the hippopotamus population in Luangwa Valley in the east of the African nation.

However, experts at Born Free have slammed the decision insisting the species is increasingly rare and is being threatened across the African continent.

The killing of 1,250 hippos over five years could generate upwards of £2.6m for trophy hunting outfitters and the Zambian government, the charity says.

Dr Mark Jones, Associate Director of the International wildlife organisation, called the planned cull a “cynical move” by money-hungry officials.

Speaking with The Sun Online, he said: “We don’t believe there is any reason the hippos should be culled and trophy hunting is not in any way an appropriate way of managing animal populations.

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