Vigilante who killed rape fugitive finally wins his freedom — and loses everything

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The New York Post:

Accused killer vigilante David Carlson has finally won his freedom — but will never regain the life he lost.

Capping a six-year legal battle to prove he acted in self-defense when he shotgunned a fugitive rape suspect, an upstate judge on Thursday found Carlson not guilty of manslaughter.

But the surprising verdict, which reversed an earlier jury conviction at trial, won’t bring back the wife who left him with two of his children, the job he couldn’t hold onto, the home he’s about to lose, or his fractured peace of mind.

Carlson, standing in his rural, spartan home, parts of it still bare plywood and joists, looks almost beaten down.

He says the case was “the catalyst” for his family falling apart just seven months after the controversial shooting, although his eldest son, who is 20, still lives with him.

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