WATCH ‘This is catastrophe’ MASS PANIC as thousands block Kabul airport desperate to flee Taliban

The New York Post

New videos show panicked mobs swarming Kabul International Airport Sunday, as hundreds try frantically to flee the besieged Afghan capital as Taliban forces move in.

Thousands of people can be seen on the tarmac at the airport as more crowd inside the terminal — part of a desperate exodus after the extremist Islamic militants took over the city, according to footage posted on Twitter by Saad Mohseni of MOBY Group, Afghanistan’s largest media outlet.

“Another Saigon moment,” Mohseni wrote.

“Chaotic scenes at Kabul International Airport. No security. None.”

“There are two thousand individuals plus (suitcases and all) on the tarmac not allowing flights to take off,” Mohseni wrote in another tweet. “This is a catastrophe.”

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