WATCH VIDEO: Young Woman Alone On Miami Metro Viciously Attacked As Assailant Hurls Her Into Wall, Punches Her In Head Repeatedly

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Graphic video has emerged of an unprovoked, vicious attack on a 29-year-old woman sitting alone in a corner on a Miami metro in which a 25-year-old man man unknown to her grabbed her, punched her over 20 times in the head, hurled her body headfirst across the car into a wall, then hurled her headfirst back into the seat before kicking her and punching her again repeatedly.

On September 24, Andrea Puerta was sitting alone on the rail car on the Metro train at the the Fifth Street Metromover Station when Joshua James King, 25, walked into the metro car. Video shows King leaving the car, then returning to assault Puerta. A Miami-Dade Transit surveillance camera captured the incident.

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