VIDEO: Two Workers Attacked with Chain Inside Manhattan Store


A disturbing scene unfolded in Chelsea, Manhattan, on Tuesday at a Duane Reade once a man was accused of stealing merchandise.

The incident occurred at 1:40 p.m. inside the store located at 27th Street and 6th avenue, ABC 7 reported Friday.

According to officers, a man allegedly stole approximately $1,745 worth of items and, as he left the shop, threatened to hurt the workers on duty at the time.

“Then about 10 minutes later, he returned with a bike chain and started swinging,” the outlet said.

Video footage showed the suspect wearing a white t-shirt and a backward baseball cap leaning over the counter with the chain.

He then pushed his way behind the counter, following two individuals who were trying to avoid him, and appeared to swing the chain at them as they huddled together.


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