Video shows the final moments of doomed Airbus A320 before it crashes into residential area of Karachi


Bank president and two others are pulled ALIVE from wreck of Airbus A320 that crashed into residential area of Karachi killing at least 104 after ‘both engines failed’

  • Witnesses saw the plane attempt to land up to three times before the crash happened on its fourth attempt
  • The captain told air traffic control he had lost one of his engines and made a final mayday call
  •  Emergency authorities including the military have been deployed in a bid to find survivors injured in the crash
  • The Karachi mayor has confirmed that all 99 passengers and eight crew on board the flight were killed 
  • Videos and photos show a wrecked plane door with flaming rubble and debris strewn across the area

Video footage has emerged showing the doomed Pakistan International Airlines Airbus A320 passenger plane carrying more than 100 people today as it crashed into a residential area of Karachi and killed everyone on board. 

Witnesses said the flight from Lahore had made three failed attempts to land at Jinnah International Airport before ploughing into the Model Colony area of the city on a fourth landing attempt.

The pilot also told air traffic control that he had lost both of his engines and made a final mayday call before the crash. The mayor of Karachi confirmed that all of 99 passengers and eight crew aboard the flight died in the crash.

Videos uploaded on social media purport to show the plane’s final moments as it hurls downwards at alarming speed amid the shrieks of terrified residents. Witnesses say the plane was so low they felt the walls of their houses tremble and saw the plane tilted on one side.  


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