Video shows men holding down, beating Asian man in NYC subway station


A video circulating on social media over the weekend shows a group of people brutally beating an Asian man inside a lower Manhattan subway station.

The video, which appeared to be filmed at the Fulton Street station, showed the man being pummeled by two men as a third holds him up as if a human punching bag.

One of the men rounds up and slaps the man in the face. His body appears to go limp until a second man delivers a round of punches to his head. The group cheers and applauds the beating.

It was not clear Sunday night whether the incident was being investigated as a hate crime against an Asian New Yorker — a persistent problem since the onset of the pandemic, which some politicians labeled the “China Virus.”

Some claimed the attack was a case of vigilante justice. Cops said they are looking into the video.


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