Video shows Canadian great-grandad, 78, arrested for honking horn in support of ‘Freedom Convoy’ truckers

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A diminutive 78-year-old man was wrestled to the ground and cuffed after honking his car horn in support of the “Freedom Convoy” truckers protesting Canada‘s COVID-19 mandates, video shows.

Now-viral footage shows 4-foot-10-inch-tall great-grandfather Gerry Charlebois being confronted by an Ottawa cop who eventually forced him to his knees as he cuffed him Sunday.

“What did he do wrong?” a bystander asks the officer, who initially snaps, “None of your f—ing concern, man.”

“It’s an offense — it’s an offense to beep your horn. It is,” the officer later tells a group heckling him for “abusing old men.”

Charlebois, who was wearing pajama pants at the time, was eventually marched away in cuffs by two officers who towered over him.

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