Video shows Bass Pro Shops shooting suspect come face to face with police after using AR-15, pistol, shotgun to fire dozens of rounds at building

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Fox 10 – Alabama:

Spanish Fort police say they believe 38-year-old Robert Smith, the man accused of firing dozens of shots at Bass Pro Shops Saturday afternoon, intended on committing a mass shooting. 

“It certainly appears that his intent yesterday was to commit a mass shooting,” said Chief John Barber. 

The chief says Smith had at least eight weapons with him and used an AR-15, pistol and shotgun to fire at the building. 

A startling video posted on Youtube, taken by someone who was inside, shows the seconds officers came face to face with the accused gunman.

In the minute long clip you see smith come within feet of officers, falling to the ground after being tased. 

In the video at least four officers surround him. 

Police say he had to be tased more than once as he resisted arrest. 

“Robert Smith had body armor on when we took him into custody,” said Chief Barber. 

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