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KCBS Radio:

Oakland Police are investigating alleged vandalism at Mayor Libby Schaaf’s home after spray painted messages were discovered on her garage door and along stonework at the front of the property early Tuesday.

The messages say “Defund OPD,” “Cancel Rent” and “Wake Up Libby,” among others.

Neighbors told KCBS Radio’s Holly Quan they believe the vandalism occurred at about 2 a.m. Monday. They heard “20 to 30” professional-grade fireworks going off, and at least one woman said she also heard a crowd and some sort of drumming.

Many of the houses in the neighborhood have signs of support for the Black Lives Matter movement, including Mayor Schaaf’s home, where a sign can be seen in a window above her garage. Graffiti was left in front of several other homes in the neighborhood, too.

“This crosses the line, because it’s someone’s house and property,” 15-year-old neighbor Alexandra Wright said. “It’s not exactly okay. It’s not okay on any level.” Alexandra’s mom, Amy, said this kind of activism doesn’t further social justice. “I get it,” she said. “I get that people are upset. I’m upset, too. What’s your goal?”

Justin Berton, spokesperson for Mayor Libby Schaff, is quoted as saying:

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