VIDEO – NYC Foodtown Worker Attacked While Trying to Stop Alleged Shoplifters: ‘Enough Is Enough’

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An employee was attacked recently when he tried to stop two alleged shoplifters at a store in a Bronx neighborhood.

The worker at the Allerton Foodtown has since returned to work. According to News 12, he confronted a man and woman, who tried to exit the store carrying food they did not purchase, the outlet reported Thursday.

The pair is accused of punching the man, knocking him to the floor.

Video footage shows one individual hitting another before they both fell. The one lying on the floor appeared to fight back, trying to get the other individual to back off. He even appeared to hold onto the suspect’s leg as the person tried to turn and move away.

When the suspect finally left, the apparent victim stood up:

According to store manager Louis Porcelli, shoplifting has grown worse over the past year. Although he is worried about safety, he wants people to reconsider before stealing something off the shelves.

“If you’re hungry, ask for it. Maybe we’ll give you a steak or whatever, but don’t go in [and] steal,” he told the outlet.