Video: Disney Show Has Kids Hold Up Sign Saying “WE LOVE YOU SATAN”

A new Disney Christmas show features a group of children holding up signs that spell out “WE LOVE YOU SATAN,” prompting a backlash from many, particularly in the wake of the Balenciaga scandal.

The incident occurs in the series called Santa Clauses, a Disney + spin off of the popular Tim Allen movies.

Each child holds up a letter, which is supposed to spell out “We Love You Santa,” but a couple of the kids end up in the wrong position.

Obviously, the scene is intended for comic effect, but it isn’t playing well.

The scene comes amid further revelations of designers associated with fashion label Balenciaga promoting satanism, following on from a weird photo shoot which sexualized kids.

As we previously highlighted, despite news outlets declaring the issue to be a “conspiracy theory,” the fashion label was forced to apologize.


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