Video captures woman throw ANTI-ASIAN racist tantrum at Florida restaurant


A customer’s racist tirade was caught on camera as she berated workers at a Florida seafood restaurant while demanding a refund in addition to her leftovers to-go.

The startling encounter unfolded at King Cajun Crawfish in Orlando Monday, according to workers at the restaurant.

A woman repeatedly called the owner a “Chinese b—h” and told her to “go back to her country” while complaining about her food, the eatery said, according to a video of the incident.

“She ordered snow crabs and fried shrimp. At the end of the meal to pay, she said the shrimp was spoiled (it wasn’t) and she ate 3. We said sorry we cannot refund it and she started saying racist remarks,” King Cajun Crawfish wrote on its Instagram page.

“We’re gonna make sure you go on Google,” the irate customer said while filming Kristen Nguyen behind the counter, according to cell phone and security video.


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