VIDEO – California Man Exits Car Moments Before Boulder Crushes It: ‘I’m a Little Traumatized’

A California man narrowly escaped death on the Pacific Coast Highway recently when his car was crushed under a boulder.

Moments after Mauricio Henao parked on the side of the road in Malibu, he got out to answer a phone call, Insider reported Sunday.

“I was in the driver’s seat, walked out, got a call, ran back inside, came out, and the car was just totaled. I ran out and saw my car just crushed,” he recalled.

A four-foot boulder was sitting on the crushed roof of the vehicle and Henao described it as being as big as the car’s hood.

Images show the severely damaged car with the boulder sitting on top of the driver’s seat:

The caller was his girlfriend who asked him to go inside and check a bag in the house. “I went inside and that’s when the loud noises started coming from the front of the house, just loud booms and crashing,” he told Inside Edition.

The outlet said the noise came from debris tumbling down the rain-soaked hillside, noting the state has recently endured rainstorms and winds which increase the possibility of mudslides.

“I was just shocked and grateful. The gratefulness to have another day,” the man stated.


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