VIDEO: Bronx driver has eye socket fractured by gang who steal his Kia after he collides with Lexus  

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New York Daily News

A man driving a Kia van had his eye socket fractured in a wild caught-on-video gang beatdown after he collided with a Lexus on a Bronx street, police said Wednesday. After leaving the 53-year-old victim bleeding on the street, the assailants drove off in his Kia, cops said. The mayhem began when the driver of the Lexus SUV, heading north on Exterior St., recklessly tried to speed between the Kia, which was headed in the same direction, and a parked Honda near E. 150th St. at about 6:40 p.m. on March 30, surveillance video released by the NYPD shows. There wasn’t enough room for the Lexus to slip between the two vehicles, causing a collision, the video shows. The Lexus driver, along with the Honda’s owner and four of his friends, angrily surrounded the Kia. As one of the men stood on the roof of the Kia, the victim got out and was pummeled by another of the men. The man standing on the roof also bent down to get a punch in. The assailants chased the victim as he tried to run off while one of the attackers got behind the wheel of the Kia. Kia van driver has eye socket fractured in wild Bronx beatdown after colliding with Lexus The goon drove the Kia down the block while one of his accomplices, holding a skateboard, jumped up and down on the hood and another sat against the front windshield, pounding it with his fist and laughing. After the Kia came to a stop, the man leaning against the windshield jumped into the front passenger seat while the man with the skateboard whacked it against the back windshield, the video shows. The Kia then rolled further down the street before stopping again. The two attackers drove off in the Kia, and it has not been recovered.

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