VIDEO: 17-Year-Old Girl Escapes Sex Trafficker Who Held Her Captive Over a Year

A 17-year-old girl’s escape from a sex trafficker who had held her captive for over a year was caught on a security camera in a busy Plano, Texas city center in what’s only the latest public episode of human trafficking to make headlines in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. 

The video footage was recorded in broad daylight at Plano’s bustling Shops at Legacy, a popular urban shopping and entertainment center in January of 2021, and surfaced recently in the trial of a now-convicted human trafficker, Ricky Stevenson.  

In the video, Stevenson can be seen stomping on the foot of his underaged white victim before punching her to the ground. Seconds later, Stevenson dragged her by her hair into the passenger side of his car, all in front of an eyewitness, who had appeared to start calling 911. 

As Stevenson walked towards the driver’s side of his car, the young victim made an escape attempt, only to be thrown back into the vehicle and have the door slammed on her before jumping out of the car again and running towards a group of citizens who’d started trying to intervene. 

After the girl finally freed herself, Stevenson, who had kidnapped and started sex trafficking her when she was only 16 years old, sped off. He was later caught and sentenced to 59 years in prison at trial on a number of felonies related to human trafficking, including sex crimes. 


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