Victory in lawsuit against Oberlin shows the wages of woke zealotry

Toxic woke extremism now carries a stiff price tag: Oberlin College has agreed to pay Gibson’s Bakery $36.59 million for the school’s official drive to paint the bakery as racist after a black student was caught shoplifting there in 2016. 

Oberlin staff handed out flyers falsely alleging the bakery had a long history of racial profiling. The Gibsons sued, and jurors set the huge award in 2019, with payment delayed by the school’s appeals.

(By the way, the school’s president pretends that insurance will pay the bill, but few policies cover intentional wrongdoing like Oberlin’s.)

Good for the Gibson family for sticking to its guns despite the hell Oberlin inflicted on it. And good for the judges and jury for getting this one right: The three students at the heart of the fracas admitted the bakery had not profiled them. And there’s nothing racist about a small business wanting to deter theft.


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