Vicious Thugs Brutally Beat Maryland Father to Death Outside His Home Because Father Refused to Hand Over His Son – Angry Mob Wanted to “Finish” a Schoolyard Fight

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A Maryland father was brutally murdered by an angry mob Saturday while defending his children after an “unfinished” schoolyard fight according a local report.

43-year-old Christopher Michael Wright was confronted at his home by two teens and three adults on May 19 around 5 P.M according to his fiancée Tracy Karopchinsky. They demanded that Wright hand over his 14-year-old son.

Wright’s son had gotten in a fight at Brooklyn Park Middle School with another teen and the thugs wanted to continue the fight after school. Wright told the vicious group under no circumstances was going to let them beat up his son.

Then things took an even more sinister turn. According to Karopchinsky, the suspects told Wright that if the boy would not fight, they would fight with him instead.