Veteran who tried to assassinate NY gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin during campaign event is arrested on federal assault charge one day after he was freed under state’s lax bail laws: Shaved his goatee overnight after being released

The man who drunkenly attacked the Republican candidate for governor in New York was photographed being taken into custody by FBI, state and county police Saturday on federal assault charges, after being immediately released following the attack under the state’s bail reform laws.

David Jakubonis, 43, an Army veteran, was arrested after allegedly attacking Zeldin with a $10 cat keyring weapon at the congressman’s Thursday campaign rally for state governor, outside of Rochester, New York. He was released hours later. 

But on Saturday, cameras saw Jakubonis, who had shaved his goatee overnight, was taken into custody by FBI, New York State police and deputies from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office.  


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