Venezuela’s Maduro: ‘Poor Whites’ Who Attacked U.S. Capitol Invaded ‘Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan’


Venezuelan socialist dictator Nicolás Maduro issued an extended diatribe on Thursday night in which he repeatedly referred to American President Donald Trump as a murderer and claimed the “poor rural whites” who attacked the U.S. Capitol this week had also invaded Iran and Afghanistan.

Since ascending to authoritarian rule in 2013, Maduro has attacked the headquarters of the Venezuelan National Assembly — the local equivalent of the U.S. Capitol — on several occasions, using both the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) and members of his violent paramilitary gangs, the colectivos. Maduro attacks have resulted in the hospitalizations of several lawmakers; the Maduro regime has killed hundreds of protesters in the past decade.

Despite his own record of violently attacking his own country’s legislature, Maduro had strong words for the rioters that assaulted the United States capital, while pretending to offer aid to the United States to restore peace. The current National Assembly in Venezuela — which took power this week after an illegitimate election that featured Maduro cronies seizing the leadership of the nation’s two largest opposition parties — also passed a resolution offering Venezuelan aid to the American people.

“From the country where the coups emerge, where the invasions emerge, it boomeranged back to them,” Maduro told viewers of his program on Thursday. “Now, take a look, the outcry because a group of poor whites from the rural and semi-rural towns of the United States entered and assaulted the Capitol. Four dead, they say. One of them a young woman who was 14 years offering her service to the U.S. Air Force.”

“I heard her husband’s declaration saying that she believed that there was a fraud [sic] and that in her country there couldn’t be fraud,” Maduro continued, referring to late rioter Ashli Babbitt. “That she had come from her town, her rural town, and she was gunned down by a security person in the Capitol, a policeman.” Maduro then claimed that these violent images “are what they [Americans] are used to doing to the countries of the world.”

“These very poor rural whites are the ones that you see dressed up as Superman invading Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Panama, Grenada,” Maduro stated. While America has recently maintained a military presence in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria, it is unclear what exchanges the dictator was referencing regarding Iran or Panama, the latter a friendly nation to the United States.

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