Vax rules for kids to dine at NYC restaurants about to get more strict

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Parents who planned to dine out with their kids in the Big Apple on Monday were shocked to find out that 5- to 11-year-olds can’t get into restaurants without being vaccinated against the coronavirus — and the rule is about to get even tougher. Erik St. Martin, a software engineer from Florida, 38, said he and his daughter Allie, 7, were turned away from the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square because she hasn’t gotten any shots. “We are in New York for another week and it’s going to be a real pain not being allowed to eat at restaurants,” St. Martin said. “We didn’t know about the vaccine mandate for kids when we booked our family holiday months ago,” he said. Costa Rican tourists Jose Santana, 37, and Daniela Alfaro, 36, said they were forced to tear up their itinerary — and may even cut short their visit to the city with children Victoria, 9, and Marcelo, 5. “We are vaccinated but our children are not because in Costa Rica young kids cannot get vaccinated yet,” Santana said. “All we can do is outdoor activities like walking around Central Park and Times Square.” He added: “It is very frustrating. We were supposed to be in New York for six more days but we are going to try and shorten our trip.”

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