Vaccine Super Bug! – ‘Never vaccinate into the middle of a pandemic’ – Top doctor warned, now it’s coming true

Dr. Peter McCullough – Texas A&M College of Medicine:

In this disturbing video, a top cardiologist breaks down the dangers of vaccinating DURING a pandemic. This video was published in May 2021 and what Dr. McCullough warned of is now coming true.

CDC recently announced that the vaccinated can catch covid and can SPREAD COVID. In fact, in email obtained by the Washington Post and reported by Breitbart, a CDC official is quoted as saying …

“the Delta variant is so contagious that it acts almost like a different novel virus.”

How could that be?

Based on what we know of antibiotic resistance, the vaccinated cannot spread the virus that they were vaccinated against. But they CAN SPREAD MUTATIONS that ESCAPED the vaccine in their own bodies.

They will be spreading SUPERBUG mutants that survive the vaccination!

In Dr. McCullough’s words …

“If you create a very narrow library of immunity – and that’s what all the current vaccines do. The current vaccines are targeted at the original Wuhan virus spike protein which is long gone, that’s extinct — you are vaccinating patients to something that doesn’t exist any more.

We’re hoping that this immunity will apply to other variants, but narrow immunity is a setup. It’s just like giving everybody A NARROW-SPECTRUM ANTIBIOTIC.

If you gave that, what would happen? We’d grow up SUPER BUGS!

There are warnings out there saying ‘DON’T DO THIS!’ Don’t vaccinate the entire world. All we’re going to do is set ourselves up for a super bug that’s REALLY going to wipe out populations.

Indiscriminate vaccination is a horrendous idea. It’s a horrendous bioweapon.”


  • This pandemic has always been “ABOUT THE VACCINE”.
  • “Stakeholders” that strongly want a “needle in every arm” are Big Pharma, White House, CDC, FDA, NIH, Gates Foundation, WHO.
  • The death rate for the covid vaccine is far higher than for any other vaccine in history.
  • “Never vaccinate into the middle of a pandemic”
  • “85% of covid deaths were preventable with early treatment which was squashed.”
  • The “dangerous spike protein” damages blood vessels and cause blood clotting.

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