VA Democrat’s Bill Would Make Owning Legally Bought Suppressors a Felony

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A bill put forward by Delegate Mark Levine (D) would make it a felony to own legally purchased firearm suppressors in Virginia.

Suppressors fall under the purview of the National Firearms Act of 1934, which means the sale of the devices is overseen by various federal agencies.

For example, to acquire a suppressor, one has to undergo an in-depth background check from the FBI, pay the federal government a $200 tax, register the firearm with the ATF, be fingerprinted, photographed, etc. The process takes about nine months.

Under Levine’s bill, H.B.961, Virginians who have undergone the legal process to acquire a suppressor would be labeled felons after the passage of a six-month grace period in which suppressors can be transferred to persons out-of-state who are allowed to own them, destroyed or rendered inoperable, or surrendered to a “state or local law enforcement agency.”

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