‘Utterly Reckless’: Not All in the US Are Happy With Nancy Pelosi’s Taiwan Trip  

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One expert, with respect to Russia and Ukraine, wrote that the US should absolutely not “court a two-front war.”

After much speculation, US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi finally landed in Taiwan on the night of Tuesday, 2 August, and the Chinese, as expected, reacted with fury. Shortly after Pelosi landed, AFP cited Taipei as saying that 20 Chinese military planes had entered Taiwan’s airspace on the day of her arrival. On the same day, four US warships were deployed towards the east of the island. The US had said that these are “routine” deployments. For their part, the Taiwanese government appreciated her visit, with President Tsai Ing-wen saying that Speaker Pelosi is “truly one of Taiwan’s most devoted friends. We are grateful to you to make this visit to Taiwan to showcase the US Congress’ staunch support for Taiwan.”

It is not just government officials of all three countries, however, who have much to say. Commentators and analysts have also been sharing a piece of their mind about Pelosi’s trip, from calling it “utterly reckless” to praising her for not backing down in front of a bully.

‘Why Pelosi’s Visit to Taiwan Is Utterly Reckless’

Writing for The New York Times, three-time Pulitzer Prize winner Thomas Friedman, slammed Pelosi for visiting Taiwan, even for the purposes of symbolism, arguing that “nothing good will come of it.” “Taiwan will not be more secure or more prosperous as a result of this purely symbolic visit, and a lot of bad things could happen. These include a Chinese military response that could result in the U.S. being plunged into indirect conflicts with a nuclear-armed Russia and a nuclear-armed China at the same time.”

He also asserted that the US should absolutely not “court a two-front war.”

“In short, this Ukraine war is SO not over, SO not stable, SO not without dangerous surprises that can pop out on any given day. Yet in the middle of all of this we are going to risk a conflict with China over Taiwan, provoked by an arbitrary and frivolous visit by the speaker of the House? It is Geopolitics 101 that you don’t court a two-front war with the other two superpowers at the same time.”

Friedman concluded by saying that Pelosi’s trip might actually be a gift to Beijing.

“By visiting, Pelosi will actually give Xi an opportunity to divert attention from his own failures — a whack-a-mole strategy of trying to shut down the spread of Covid-19 by using lockdowns of China’s major cities, a huge real estate bubble that is now deflating and threatening a banking crisis and an immense mountain of government debt resulting from Xi’s unrestrained support for state-owned industries.”

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