US President Biden invokes Defense Production Act amid choking infant formula shortage


US president Joe Biden is implementing the Defense Production Act to tackle infant formula shortages. Biden has invoked the Defense Production Act to accelerate infant formula production and permitted flights to import supplies from other countries. The 1950 law gives the government additional influence over industrial production during emergencies.

In a White House issued video statement, Biden explains: “Today, I’m invoking the Defense Production Act to ensure that manufacturers have the necessary ingredients to make safe, healthy infant formula here at home.”

“I’ve directed the Department of Defense and the Department of Health and Human Services to send aircraft planes overseas to pick up infant formula that meets US health and safety standards so that we can get it on our store shelves faster.”

In what the US White House calls “Operation Fly Formula,” Biden also enables the Department of Defense to employ commercial planes to fly formula supplies that meet federal criteria from overseas to the US.


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