US Military Warning of Russian Nuke Subs Off Coasts

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U.S. military commanders and experts are sounding warnings about the buildup of Russian submarines off American coasts.

The Russian buildup of naval assets is more expansive than just the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, and it includes seas surrounding the United States, sources told Newsweek.

“Nuclear-powered submarines have been deploying off the coast of the United States and into the Mediterranean and elsewhere along Europe periphery,” Russia Maritime Studies Institute (RMSI) Director Michael Peterson told Newsweek, warning the deployments “mirror Soviet style submarine deployments in the Cold War.”

Among the assets off the coasts are nuclear-capable submarines in the Severodvinsk class, which was also has been warned by U.S. Air Force Gen. Glen VanHerck, who runs the Northern Command and NORAD.

“They just moved subs, their first [Severodvinsk submarine] into the Pacific,” VanHerck warned last October. “Another is out in the Mediterranean right now, and another that’s out on its way into the Atlantic. That will be a persistent, proximate threat capable of carrying a significant number of land-attack cruise missiles that can threaten our homeland.”