US Lieutenant Commander exposed for pushing divisive critical race theory

The Post Millennial:

Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Rhodes at Fort Carson reportedly said “if you’re a white male you are part of the problem.”

In an exclusive for Human Events, Jack Posobiec has uncovered that Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Rhodes is one of the arbiters of critical race theory and anti-white rhetoric in the US armed forces.

Back in March we reported on military training documents pushing progressive ideology.

Something that was enacted at the beginning of the Biden administration is a politically correct agenda that forces the American military to adopt identity politics as their priority. Something now beyond the LGBT focus of yesteryear and promotion of the Black Lives Matter agenda.

Speaking out against this ideological agenda is what got a Space Force commander relieved of duty.

Currently it’s hard for military members to rebuke how this CRT effort shapes up in comparison to the likes of Russia in recruitment commercials, and disregarding how the military’s own fitness tests are still having female recruits overwhelmingly fail despite changes made to cater toward them.

Posobiec discovered that Lieutenant Rhodes is a “fervent anti-racist & anti-sexist” who lists his pronouns in his Twitter bio.

What Human Events uncovered is that the 2010s University mindset of far-left dogma has now been made standard for the US military.

The chatter uncovered shows military members actively discussing how their leadership (in this case Commander Rhodes) is racist towards white people.

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