Election BOMBSHELL: Ring of steel and hundreds of troops to defend White House amid election violence fears as country braces for clashes

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The US Sun:

THE White House will be protected by a massive fence and hundreds of troops on election day, it was reported.

The barrier will be in place amid fears of violence across the United States should the poll result be disputed and Donald Trump’s opponents and his supporters take to the streets.

Shops in Washington D.C and other cities are already being boarded up with police on standby for potential unrest.

The United States has seen simmering conflict in the wake of the Black Lives Matter protests that followed the death of George Floyd in May.

Now NBC reports a federal law enforcement source says crews will build a “non-scalable” fence to secure the White House complex, Ellipse and Lafayette Square areas of the capital.

There will be 250 National Guardsmen on standby reporting to Metro Police officials.

In June more than 50 Secret Service agents were injured during ugly clashes outside the White House.

The attacks came after President Trump was reportedly moved to a secure bunker usually used during terror attacks as heated protests escalated across Washington D.C.

Black Lives Matter protesters have often been joined by the hard-left Antifa group, who have burned American flags and battled with cops.

The protests have often descended into confrontations far-right organizations such as the Proud Boys who have staged counter demonstrations in places such as Portland, Oregon and Kenosha.

Police in New York City and other major metropolitan areas say they have prepared for emergency scenarios around the election, from demonstrations to bombs.

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