US Army Twitter account ridiculed over post boasting about Army’s ‘chief diversity officer’

The United States Army’s Twitter account was ridiculed by critics after it boasted of its efforts to increase diversity in the force.

“Extremism can tear apart cohesive teams,” the Army said on Twitter. “Col. Timothy Holman is the Army’s chief diversity officer and his aim is clear: do what he can to help open a path for future Army leaders and make the force as diverse as the nation it defends.”

The message wasn’t well received by many social media users, who claimed that the Army was focusing too much of its efforts on diversity and not enough on winning wars.

“No wonder we don’t win much any more,” said author Austin Ruse.

“Please provide a graph comparing the rise of the diversity fetish with the Army’s track record of victory since 2000,” responded Townhall senior columnist Kurt Schlichter. “The Army has failed to win a war since Desert Storm, so let’s see if we can distract people with this onanism.”

“We deserve to be invaded and conquered at this point,” said conservative commentator Matt Walsh.

The post was deleted, and the unit apologized amid the onslaught of backlash.

“We are human and we messed up,” the unit said. “We intended to speak up for female Marines, and it was an effort to support them. They are a crucial part to our corps, and we need them to know that. We will adjust fire and ensure the utmost professionalism in our tweets.”

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