US Army soldiers undergo parachute training at crucial Alaska base in show of force to Putin


US ARMY soldiers underwent further training in the latest show of force to Vladimir Putin as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues.

Soldiers with the 1st Squadron 40th Cavalry Regiment conducted an airborne infiltration and insert as opposing forces for Alaska’s first Home Station Combat Training Center rotation on Wednesday.

Fort Greely, the remote military base in Alaska, boasts 33 missile interceptors standing at 60ftCredit: US Army/I Corps

The US Army base in Alaska tweeted: “Chaos from the air! So begins #JPMRC2202!”

Brian Eifler, the Commanding General for the US Army in Alaska, tweeted, “Chaos Troop from 1-40 CAV inserts as OPFOR to kick off the first Combat Center Rotation in Alaska #JPMRC .

“Game on! Thrive, operate, and fight in extreme cold weather. Alaska; only for the bold.”


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